Air & Ocean Freight Services

Successful interaction in the logistics network is a must for forward-looking firms trying to remain competitive in today's rapidly changing marketplace. Red Arrow Logistics offers a

variety of inbound and outbound transportation services worldwide. We manage air and ocean transportation services through our underlying carrier network to and from over 100 countries around the globe. Combining state-of-the-art information technology with an extensive operating infrastructure Red Arrow Logistics is positioned to support your international transportation needs.

Air and Ocean Freight Service Offering:

  • Multimodal services - less than container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL)
  • End to end service including documentation, purchase order management and
  • worldwide consolidation and deconsolidation
  • AMS certified technology partner

The scale and scope of our transportation service gives us the versatility to match your budget and schedule from seaport or airport to dock or door.

  • Multi-tier suite of carriers
  • Time definite service that best suits your budget and schedule
  • Real-time EDI process driven technology for total in transit visibility and event management templates

Warehouse Management

Red Arrow Consulting has extensive experience in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) selection and implementation with leading software companies.

WMS Technology

There are many WMS providers in the marketplace today. Their capabilities and product offerings change frequently, along with the definition of "best-in-class." Our experience and commitment to this market means that we know who the players are, the differentiating features of their products, their capacities and capabilities and suitability of their products to specific industries.

Red Arrow Consulting can quickly assess the needs of your business, develop specific documentation and requirements (features, growth capacity, performance), and identify a short list of appropriate vendors. Selecting the right software solution for your needs can be a mission critical and often costly lesson. You can be confident that Red Arrow professionals are in touch with organizations that are capable, reliable, and experienced in your domain.

Transportation Management

Transportation is an essential component of logistics cost and service, for both inbound shipments from vendors and outbound shipments to customers. We work with clients to review the costs of transportation and to find possible alternatives to reduce costs and/or improve service. This analysis can be for imports, exports or domestic shipments.

The potential transportation issues and opportunities in most companies are:

  • Are you getting the most for your money from common carriers?
  • When is a 3PL the right solution?
  • Are you paying what you have agreed on?
  • Is the mix of modes and services right for your changing business?
  • How much should you be charging your customers for delivery?

We can answer these, and other tough questions. Red Arrow Consulting brings open minds, fresh viewpoints, and industry expertise to your transportation challenges. Service Offerings

  • Transportation assessment
  • Carrier portfolio strategy
  • Carrier selection and management
  • Contract negotiation
  • Freight payment analysis
  • Carrier performance metrics
  • Freight audit
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